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    Brazilian companies come in with the promise of good business for MEDICA 2014

    20/10/2014 at 13h59

    More than 80% of the visitors indicate Brazil as a member of high competitiveness in the global market

    Companies participating of the Brazilian Health Devices, project implemented by ABIMO - Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association, in partnership with Apex-Brazil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), will attend MEDICA Trade Fair, the main international event of services and medical products industry in the world. Held in Düsseldorf, Germany, it occurs between November 12th and 15th.

    MEDICA Trade Fair works as a global window of the launches in the health area and the attendance of Brazilian companies at the event are essential, considering only this year, it shall be about 132 thousand visitors from 180 countries to evaluate the main innovations in the industry. This will be the 13th participation of the Brazilian pavilion at the exhibition.

    In 2014, the event will feature over 4,600 exhibitors from 70 countries. 50 Brazilian exhibitors were allocated in pavilions in Hall 17, Hall 4 (specific for Physical Therapy and Orthopedics) and Hall 3 (Specialized in Laboratory). The Pavilion of Hall 17, which houses the largest number of companies, is next to the most visited sites of the show, next to the pavilions of France, UK, USA and Switzerland, countries famous for high quality and technology in the health care sector. Three associated companies are also exhibitors outside the Brazilian pavilions: Carci, Fanem and Labtest.

    As differentiated action hit since 2011, the now traditional Brazilian Happy Hour will be held in the Brazilian Pavilion on November 13th. The BHD bet in this action as a business strategy, offering typical food and drinks from Brazil to the international audience, plus live Brazilian music, providing a relaxed atmosphere for Brazilian companies to further strengthening the relationship with international customers.

    From perception surveys conducted in the last three editions, it is observed that there was an increase in the number of visitors of the fair appointing Brazil as a "global player" in the area of medical products and equipment. In 2013, 86% of them pointed out Brazil as a member of high competitiveness in the global market. Among them, 59% are distributors of Brazilian medical products. Last year, the business values remained approximately US$ 15 million. The numbers for 2014 are encouraging, with the expectation of US$ 18 million in business transactions.

    The exhibition at MEDICA achieved excellent results for the company, as stated by Flavia Carvalho Rodrigues, HPBIO export manager. "Thanks to the good work of ABIMO in partnership with Apex, we are privileged to participate in the largest international exhibition of the segment and equal to the major players in the global market."

    Djalma Luiz Rodrigues, Fanem director, believes that the project Brazilian Health Devices is essential to open the paths abroad. "If we are now highlighted in with our own stand, it is partly merit of this project which contributes with Fanem to accomplish its solo flight," says.


    The perspectives of the participating companies are optimistic. Mainly of the newcomers. "Our expectations are the best possible, due to the breadth of exposure that exhibitors achieve at this event," said Eduardo Quezada, export manager of Osteomed Implantes, which participates in MEDICA for the first time. "Our intention is to conduct new businesses in Europe and the Middle East and increase our participation in markets we already operate." Osteomed shall introduce all products from its line of performance, emphasizing the previously certified with the CE mark, the European requirement for medical articles be traded in the continent.

    Another company that will participate for the first time at the fair is Apramed Aparelhos Médicos, which will bring products for ophtalmology, such as chairs, refraction unit and other devices. . For the manager of foreign affairs of the company, Joe Correa, MEDICA is essential for those who want to achieve the European market. Apramed focuses on the English, German, French and Spanish markets, countries that are always searching for technological and practical devices.

    Manufacturer of equipment for pathological anatomy laboratory, Lupetec participates for the first time of the trade show and aims at worldwide promotion of the company and its products, to seek overseas customers and increase its business and revenue. Attentive to Eastern Europe, the Americas and Middle East markets, the company launches the PTLX (automatic tissue processor without using xylene) and the microtome. "With this device, there will be an automated processing of biopsies," explains the commercial manager of Lupetec, Eder Gatti.

    Presenting clinical, administrative and financial management software systems with high expertise in the areas they intend to serve and highly competitive price, Softex participates for the first time and introduces platforms addressed to the area of healthcare in general (hospitals, laboratories, public health services, among others) in search of market intelligence in areas that are affected by MEDICA.

    Gnatus will be for the first time at the show exhibiting automatic clinical tables, electric stretchers, and biosafety equipment (autoclaves, distillers, sealing, and ultrasonic washers). "The range of biosafety, sold today for more than 140 countries, is from differentiated reliability and certainty in the market," said Fernando Roca, director of new markets in Gnatus.


    There are companies that do not give up participating, as Olidef, manufacturer of neonatal, laboratory and healthcare support range products , and which operates at the fair since 2002, consolidating the event as one of the most primordial of the international calendar. Last year, the company carried out a positive transaction with a group in Russia headquartered in Germany and a first sale to Mongolia. For this year, the news are the neonatal transport incubators RWT / Plus, unique in the world, which controls the parameters of temperature, oxygen, moisture and Spo2, which is the oxygen saturation in blood through microprocessor system, all in the incubator own module without the need for aggregated monitors. This product was introduced at the Hospital Fair earlier this year.

    Olidef and Gnatus are part of APL – Local Productive Arrangement – of Health (Health Cluster), one of the industrial centers of Ribeirão Preto focused on health. However, they shall participate in the fair with their own stands. Another industrial center located in the same area that will be at MEDICA 2014 is SUPERA Park. The SUPERA Park is the first technology center to come into operation in partnership with USP - University of São Paulo, Brazil's largest university. USP campus in Ribeirão Preto is the most important generator of research in the health care area. The city of Ribeirão Preto is the center of a local productive arrangement (cluster) for health, which brings together almost 200 companies in the sectors of medical and dental equipment, animal health, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Other companies that are part of the industrial park will also be at MEDICA, like Medpej, Deltronix, Martec Med, Inbrás and Figlabs. 

    For the fourth consecutive time and with its own stand, Fanem always participates in MEDICA aiming to increase brand visibility. "At MEDICA we can introduce our products as an innovative alternative, and cost / benefit ratio," observes the company's CEO, Djalma Luiz Rodrigues. Fanem introduces at MEDICA this year its full range of neonatal equipment, plus some range of laboratory products, highlighting the neonatal transport incubators IT 158 TS, available in its new version with Babypuff resuscitator, integrated to the panel, which received upgrades that have increased their differences in relation to the market.

    Instramed, company dedicated to cardiology market, introduces the Cardiomax 8 "and also Helios, focused on telemetry in hospitals. As the results in 2013 were very positive, the perspective is prospecting for new customers. "Our attendance at the Fair increases the credibility of the company and also promotes brand awareness and products to markets that we have not yet achieved"; explains the export supervisor, Marcia Kruse.

    Hospimetal comes to MEDICA with the bed model HM 2002 D, which has complete devices for ICU with eight embedded movements and balance, which eliminates the need for removal of the patient for a separate balance.

    WAMA Diagnóstica is looking forward to the European Market of laboratory diagnoses, and focuses on products for clinical analysis laboratories, as quick tests for infectious diseases, drug of abuse, hormones, and introduces an entire product range with the possibility of being sold in OEM (using the client's brand). These items are already available in Brazil.

    For seven years, as an exhibitor at MEDICA Trade Fair, Loktal manufactures electrical equipment and provides high frequency multipurpose electronic scalpels with a different design. The sales prospects of the launch are promising, assures the international sales manager, Luciano Rodrigues. "We believe that with this release we will increase sales," said Rodrigues. "Our focus is the Eastern European market, where there is a shortage of good products at competitive prices."

    With a promise of competitive prices, Magnamed Tecnologia Médica, renowned for making medical ventilators, takes to Germany several new features such as the ventilator to neonatal intensive care Babymag model, and the analyzer of lung ventilators Ventmeter model. To the exports manager, Reginaldo Damião, MEDICA enables relationship with distributors and facilitates the achievement of business to countries that it had not yet exported to. "This year, we hope to open market in the European continent and build partnerships with other manufacturers, increasing our chances of incorporation into more competitive markets," he explains.

    Scientific equipment will be exhibited by Phoenix, exhibiting as an innovation: a model of autoclave bench (Bench-top Autoclave), all introduced to customers through animations. The instrument presents more economical cost, but with improved performance in space available for the accommodation of materials, more homogeneous distribution of steam in the chamber, strength and durability of the chamber and more efficient drying of the sterilized material.

    Attentive to the European market, Deltronix comes up with differentiated products and provides electronic scalpels and their complements with new technology and compliance with the Rohs directive.

    Sismatec, which last year has conquered the African and Asian distributors, takes to MEDICA its Auxiliary Focus LED Model 4LE, with emergency system. The biggest advantage of the product is the ability to control temperature, color in focus, whiter light, low heat, low consumption lighting system for video surgeries done by green color and long lasting leds.

    CBEMED considers MEDICA as an important place to attract and promote business, with potential customers from all over the world and will exhibit the range of BIC stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers manufactured by CBEMED in Brazil. The expectations for the MEDICA Trade Fair 2014 are high. "We are beginning to harvest the results cultivated in previous editions. We hope to improve these numbers from this edition, "says Eder Luiz M. Gatti, who takes care of the import and export company department.

    Atrasorb will take products for absorption of carbon dioxide, with a low shedding of dust and excellence in raw material. This is the first year of Atrasorb in the exhibition, recognizing the event as a reference in the health care area, and where they will seek for European customers of the hospital industry.

    Participating of the fair since 2008, HPBIO is the exclusive manufacturer of programmable valves for hydrocephalus, and will launch at MEDICA the PIC monitoring catheter and valves for programmable hydrocephalus. In 2013, the exhibition at the show was extremely important for the company. "Certainly the last edition was memorable," says Flavia Rodrigues, export manager of the company. "It got us the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement of the hydrocephalus valves to Europe through a German distributor that has already allowed us to reap rewards."

    Fami will take packaging and containers for sterilization of high quality at competitive prices in the international market and aims to close a partnership with manufacturers of instruments for the development of packaging for its products.

    Investing in MEDICA since 2003 as an excellent channel to expand brand visibility and show their products to the world, Schioppa will attend the trade fair with casters and wheels for use on beds and medical and hospital equipment with a clean and modern design with guaranteed quality and safety.

    In its sixth consecutive participation, Neoortho will exhibit its three international ranges: trauma, spine and bucomaxilofacial. With the same prices in the domestic market, the bets are high in the three segments, emphasizing on trauma.

    Visitor of the trade fair since 1983, and an exhibitor starting from 2010, Bioclin, company focused on manufacturing products for in vitro diagnostics believes that this kind of event is very important for closer relations with its partners, either customers or suppliers. "Through the exhibition we have the opportunity to see firsthand what our industry is planning for the future and in what technologies we should focus our investments and actions on," said the coordinator of research and development of the company, Luciana Damasceno Ferreira. "The company has grown sharply in the past six years, and actions such as participation in international fairs are directly responsible for these positive results," concludes Luciana.

    DK Diagnostics creates devices to generate technology and facilities in the laboratory tests routine, having as main international buyer the United States. However, the company does not waive participating in MEDICA. "Last year, the results were excellent, particularly in export to Russia," says the manager of trade relations and exports Paulo Francisco Windlin. In 2014, the news is the Paratest Eco parasitological system of faeces and Green PapTest for cytological diagnosis of gynecological specimens and other sites.

    In order to introduce its products which use silicon as raw material to Latin America, Middle East and Europe, Medicone returns to MEDICA Trade Fair as an exhibitor and takes its testicular and penile prosthesis, intragastric balloon and ophthalmic implants. All of them with FDA certification and meeting the standards of the ISO 10993 series.

    The achievement of contacts for new business prospects, especially in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa are the plans of GMI, which this year features its entire range focusing on PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter), nasal CPAP, nasal cannula for oxygen therapy, nasogastric tube, and transpyloric cateterumbilical probe, all silicone made.

    Focused on the dental market, Indusbello participates for the fourth time of the trade fair and takes cases for sterilization made ??of high performance polymer. According to the company director, Leonardo Beni, the last participation brought numerous international contacts, and, in the case of markets, Latin America and USA were highlights in the negotiations. "This show was extremely important, because we can find representatives in countries of interest to the company. Our primary focus of the market is Germany, because it is the center of manufacturing medical products "concludes Beni.

    The markets of graphic films and plates will be represented by IBF. The innovation of the company are conventional green XR and mammography films, conventional radiology products. With good outcomes in 2013, IBF aims to achieve half a million dollars in business in the next MEDICA.

    Biomecânica, company in the orthopedics and traumatology sector, goes in search of increasing the number of Asian and Middle Eastern customers, markets that add great potential to increase sales.

    The performance at the exhibition provided excellent results to Labtest, which will participate for eighth consecutive time of MEDICA. "The participation in recent years has resulted in partnerships that have signed the performance of Labtest in Latin America," says Joan Moretzsohn; product marketing analyst, of the company. This year they will be attending in an institutional way aiming to establish new partnerships to expand the business, focusing on the African and Middle Eastern markets.

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